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A General Theory of Success

Like all sciences, Sun Tzu's strategy for comparing positions simplifies the natural world with a set of principles. Even mastering a few of these principles makes it easier for us to understand how to improve our strategic position.

Throughout history, people have rediscovered these principles through trial and error.  These principles have been documented in various ways in different competitive arenas. Many are familiar from military history; others from sports; and still others from business.

Is Success Luck?

Competitive Arenas: 

Napoleon and Sun Tzu

A reader writes:

Your web-page states that Napoleon made use of "The Art of War". I spent eight years studying Napoleon's early career, and never discovered a single piece of evidence to show this. On the other hand, it is quite clear that he made use of the writings of the great French strategist, Pierre Bourcet, as well as those of the Chevalier Du Teil, among others. Napoleon didn't really need to read "The Art of War" because European writings contained all that he needed to develop into a great general. Yours, Martin BB.


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