Sun Tzu's Methods

Experience is the Great Teacher: Is Palin Experienced Enough?

Though we base our teaching on Sun Tzu's The Art of War, you don't gain skills in strategy (or any other valuable skill) from reading a book. Developing true skill requires experience, which is why our training focuses on exercises in decision-making. However, there is a BIG difference between ten years of experience and one year of experience repeated ten times. For example, take Gov. Palin's experience as governor. Is two years of experience enough? You all know from your own careers that it doesn't take four years to find out if someone can do a job.

Understanding Relative Positions: The Liberal Problem with Palin

The most destructive strategic errors come from misunderstanding an opponent's position. When Sun Tzu writes about deception in the first chapter of The Art of War, the point is that the easiest way to control an opponent is to control their perceptions. The biggest benefit of the Palin pick as VP is that it plays into all the left's misconceptions about traditional values.


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