Warrior Training

This topic relates directly to the special methods and tools for training strategy.

Article on Adaptability workshop

http://www.gordon.army.mil/pao/Innovative_training_methods_mold_next_gen... Innovative training methods mold next generation leaders Lt. Col. Kris Ellis 442nd Signal Battalion September 12, 2008 A seminar recently met, breaking into working groups, talking through scenarios; but there were no agendas, no established break times and really no boundries or guidance given. The instructor didn't even introduce himself. The students could just let their thoughts run. Could freeing up the training environment help leaders learn how to make decisions fast?

Competition and Enemies


Competition, it's pervasive, it's the human condition. Do you consider yourself a competitive person? Have you ever sought to gain something, anything, that another is seeking to gain at the same time? If so, you were competing. When you were a child, did you try to get the attention of your parents, friends, and teachers? Have you ever participated in a sport? Do you find yourself selling your ideas or products to those you meet?

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STARS Training Methods, Skills, and Resources

Successful people are ordinary people who saw an opportunity and acted on it to create a position for themselves. Worrying about your situation won't help. Nothing is worse than worry except excuses. You can win the position that you were meant to have in this world, but to do so, you must understand positioning and how to explore opportunities.

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Corporate Training in Times of Economic Crisis

As we enter a period of economic crisis and challenge, the role of corporate training must change to adapt. In this article, we explore both the problems and the opportunities created by the impending economic recession for corporate training departments. If corporate training department try to continue business as usual, they will find themselves downsized and many of their trainers will find themselves out of work.

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Strategy, Games, and Sport

Games and sports are useful in illustrating different aspects of Sun Tzu's Sun Tzu's strategy. The purpose of this article is to give you some ideas about how to use well-known games and sports such as chess, poker, the Chinese game of Go, checkers, putting together puzzles, football, basketball, football, and soccer to illustrate different strategic principles. Games and sports are useful both in their similarities to real competition and in their differences.

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