3.1.6 Time Limitations

Principles describing how economics puts a time limit on all opportunities.

Reid's Bill and Napoleon's March on Moscow

As its popularity declines dramatically, the Senate Democratic leadership is poised to press on to get any health care bill passed quickly at any cost, I am reminded of Napoleon's famous march on Moscow. Minard made a famous map of that march illustrating exactly what happened. I have recreated that map showing Reid's March on Health Care (larger version here).

Warrior's Rules: 

Competitive Arenas: 

Boxing, Sun Tzu, and how to survive the economic down-turn

Boxing, war, and modern business... what do these three activities have in common? The obvious answer is that all three take place in competitive environments in which there will be clear winners. Sun Tzu's treatise "The Art of War" not only describes these environments, but also asserts a way to win and analytical method to predict a winner. Once one understands these predictable outcomes, then positioning oneself to be the winner becomes easy.

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