6.0 Situations Response

Principles describing the selection of actions most appropriate to a situation.

Original Slide Shows

The purpose of these  shows is to give you a quick overview of the concepts of Sun Tzu's strategy. These were the original Institute course material, offered with our first edition business books.  You can access by becoming an Institute Member.

Warrior's Rules: 

Competitive Arenas: 

Sun Tzu, Hillary Clinton, and Depth of Meaning

Allan Elder sent me this news story about Hillary's recent visit to Beijiing and quoting Sun Tzu regarding our shared danger in the current crisis. The story expresses the quote from Sun Tzu as tongchuan gongji, which probably means literally "together-boat work-river." (Probably because it is impossible to translate Chinese from phonetic representation as opposed to Chinese characters.) This is the shorten proverbial form of the saying, not what actually Sun Tzu wrote.


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