6.4.8 Limited Situations

Principles describing situations where few options are available.

Dem Health Care: A Classical Limited Situation

The Democratic campaign for federal control of health insurance finds itself in a classical Limited Situation (node:content/strategic-principle-day-647-limited-situations-occur-vulnerable-transition-point link]). The only strategy that works in a limited situation is a surprise ([node:content/clone-strategic-principle-day-655-limited-situations-we-must link]). Since the intended surprise has already been exposed, their chances of success in this situation are near zero.

Warrior's Rules: 

Conan, NBC, and the Limited Situation

Conan O'Brien's has effectively out-maneuvered NBC by refusing to move with the Tonight Show to 12:05. His decision is a great demonstration of how easily much larger opponents are challenged in a transitional situation that relies on a few key resources. This is technically known in strategy as a limited situation (6.4.8 Limited Situations).

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Competitive Arenas: 

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