The Art of Career Building: Chapter 2 - Changing Jobs

This second chapter of The Art of Career Building provides knowledge related to the economic consequences of picking the right job while pursuing long-term goals.

Career building is hard work. You have to make many decisions that can have long-term repercussions. Looking for a job and building your career once you have that job can take you away from your family and wreak havoc on your personal life. You may begin to judge your success based solely on what you’re being paid and make poor career decisions that hurt you in the long-term.

The Art of Career Building: Chapter 1 - Career Planning

Career building is one of the most important issues we face in our lives. However, few of us take it serious until we reach middle age and the best opportunities of our lives are behind us. Why don’t we take it more serious? I believe it’s because we don’t know how. As I recall, high school and college focused on how to get a job, not how to build a career. All the books I can find on career issues focus on how to get a job, how to interview, and most importantly how to get the highest possible salary.

Sun Tzu in everyday life: The Ground can be near or far.

In a hurry to get where I was going I had two choices, take the known path or the unknown path. What should I do? I quickly assessed the situation and knew that if I took the unknown path, it would almost certainly get me to my destination quicker. On the other hand, if I took the known path it would take longer but I wouldn't get lost. I chose the known path. By taking the familiar path I had an advantage of knowing where I was, where I was going, and how long it would take me to get there.

Competition and Enemies


Competition, it's pervasive, it's the human condition. Do you consider yourself a competitive person? Have you ever sought to gain something, anything, that another is seeking to gain at the same time? If so, you were competing. When you were a child, did you try to get the attention of your parents, friends, and teachers? Have you ever participated in a sport? Do you find yourself selling your ideas or products to those you meet?

Competitive Arenas: 

Strategy can make you taller, faster, smarter, and more beautiful!

Sun Tzu constantly discusses the reality of comparison. Nothing is "good" or "bad," in itself. Things are good or bad in comparison to something else. You are "tall" because others are "short." If you want to appear tall, stand next to people that are shorter than you. Movies use this trick all the time. Tom Cruise is very short yet appears tall on screen because of tricks in photography and putting him in taller shoes and on platforms. He appears tall on screen because we compare him to those around him.


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