The Use of Climate

A Institute Member writes:

My biggest struggle is using Climate. My own prejudice gets in the way. I really hate it when I see any “sales” pitch that applies pressure to “buy now” because the sky is falling. Even when it’s true, I hate to see it used to influence or manipulate me. Therefore, I tend to soften the Climate and avoid any kind of buy now approach.

Sales Formula 3— Observe Opportunities: (Part 4)

7. Match Your Resources

Why should I want my competitors’ problem customers?

Your competitors’ problem customers are not your problem customers. People tend to avoid problems, especially other people’s problems, but your competitors’ problems are not your problems, at least not all of them. A precious few of your competitors’ problems are your opportunities.

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The Development and Use of Business Intelligence Part Three: The Quality of Information by Allan Elder

After gathering information, how can we be sure it is both valid and reliable? For example, if you take your temperature and the thermometer says your body is at 100 degrees, how do you know if it’s right or wrong? Perhaps you would get another thermometer and try again. If both of them read 100 degrees, you might be confident that your temperature is indeed, 100 degrees.

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The Development and Use of Business Intelligence Part Two: What Is Information? by Allan Elder

However, before embarking on a study of gathering information, let us define the term. A good place to start might be to examine the words “data” and “information.” While these words are certainly defined in the dictionary they are not adequately defined in practice. Let us begin with the dictionary definition first. Perhaps something of interest will come of it.

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The Sales Success Formulas

(This is the first chapter of our rewriting of our 9 Formulas for Business Success to 9 Formulas for Sales Success. This particular chapter would be used to script a "sales" type presentation on why someone would want to learn the Sales Formulas. The Front-Line Strategic Maturity Model above would be specifically adapted to explain the benefits for salespeople specifically as part of this work. )

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Corporate Training in Times of Economic Crisis

As we enter a period of economic crisis and challenge, the role of corporate training must change to adapt. In this article, we explore both the problems and the opportunities created by the impending economic recession for corporate training departments. If corporate training department try to continue business as usual, they will find themselves downsized and many of their trainers will find themselves out of work.

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