The Benefits: Success in Business

As many of our sales success stories suggest, Sun Tzu's Sun Tzu's strategy doesn't only make salespeople more successful, but it dramatically helps the businesses for which they work. Of course, sales is always a major concern for business owners. Ashley Alexis is a small business owner and she reports that our training has been "helpful" saying:

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The Benefits: Success in Sales

Since Gary Gagliardi personally first started using these ideas in selling and did his first book for salespeople, lets start by looking at sales success.

Let us start with someone who is fairly new to sales, Scott Perry. Scott joined the private sector in 2005 after a career in the military. Despite all the books for salespeople in the marketplace, he found that he needed only one:

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The Balanced Score Card and Strategy Maps

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and Strategy Maps are performance planning and measurement systems developed  by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton in a series of articles and books, built around the general idea of Management by Objectives. These systems work to measure whether the smaller-scale activities of an organization work in terms of its larger-scale strategy.

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