Microsoft versus Google: An Illustration of the Most Common Strategic Mistake

Everyday, we read articles on the business battle between Google and Microsoft (click here for today's installment). This battle illustrates the elements of the most common strategic mistake: the waste of resources on attacking opponents ([node:content/313-conflict-cost link]) instead of working on pursuing opportunities ([node:content/32-opportunity-creation link]).

The Warrior Class Book Table of Contents


Foreword: How to Use This Book viii


1. About Planning: Lessons 1-18  Page 3

2. About Going to War: Lessons 19-33      Page 20

3. About Planning an Attack: Lessons 34-49  Page 36

4. About Positioning: Lessons 50-66  Page 53

5. About Momentum: Lessons 67-85  Page 71

6. About Weakness and Strength: Lessons 86-105  Page 91

7. About Armed Conflict: Lessons 106-126  Page 112

Competitive Arenas: 

Warrior Marketing Contents

Table of Contents

  • "Market Analysis" covers Sun Tzu’s basic competitive concepts and reveals the five factors that determine success in winning markets.
  • "Picking a Market" analyzes the costs inherent in marketing and gives you your goal: generating income as quickly and easily as possible from customers.
  • "Planning A Campaign" discusses the importance of picking a clear target market, using your resources wisely, and the five ingredients you need to win customers.
  • "

Competitive Arenas: 


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