The Arithematic of Strategy and Illegal Immigration

Strategy requires doing a little simple arithmetic. You break big goals down into small, bite-sized goals that can be easily reach in a small amount of time given your available resources. This allows you to take the first steps on a larger campaign to see if those steps work. As time goes on, you learn to leverage your progress into larger and larger steps.

Democratic Strategy and 2006 Elections

Strategy teaches that you cannot create your own opportunities. Your opponent has to create the opening for you. However, you have to know how to take advantage of the opening. In the run-up to the 2006 election, as this article about Democratic strategy points out, the Republicans have created an opening. but the Democrats will have a difficult time taking advantage of it.

China's Rise to Power

This article in the UK's Independent suggests discusses the "inevitable loss of America's economic supremacy to China..." and in doing so points out the most basic mistakes people make in predicting the future.

Human Sacrifice on Godless Altars

Sun Tzu's strategy is based on the idea that battles are won by building up positions rather than destroying enemies. The core of every strategic position is a philosophy of shared beliefs. Winning belief systems think that, as long as people are free, they can convert other people to their way of thinking. This makes freedom the only cause worth dying for. Losing belief systems think that they must kill others to eliminate freedom in order to maintain their belief system.

Immigration, Racism, and Practical Politics

Few things are as powerful as a clear definition. Once you define terrorism as "attacks on civilian populations for political power," the charges that US military operations are "terrorist" vanish. When it comes to racism, I like the definition offered by Mike S. Adams:
Racism is the tendency to interject race into situations where it is not relevant, merely for personal gain. A racist is one who interjects race into situations where it is not relevant, merely for personal gain.

Good Versus Evil is the ONLY Strategy

In a recent article, former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, claims that "Good versus evil isn't a strategy." Nothing could be further from the truth. The core of all strategic positions is a philosophy. All wars are battles over philosophy. To be successful, a group has to believe that they are fighting for what is right and good. Albright accuses this thinking of being what boils down to being too simplistic.

President Debates Helen Thomas

The president did exactly what I suggested in debating Helen Thomas on the reasons for war in a press conference. Though not a formal debate that America was watching, this was exactly the kind of straight talk challenging specious claims that the administration needs to do. The media won't stop making these claims until they are challenged every time they do. Good for president Bush!


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