Happy New Years!

Hope all your dreams come true in the coming year. We have lots of plans here at the Science of Strategy Institute for the coming year, but as they say, when men plan, God laughs. We will see how much we can accomplish given the fact that each year seems to be getting shorter than the last.

The Media's Myopia

We have perhaps the pefect pictorial representation of how far the media has drifted away from the regular people. Look that these two slide shows of the year in pictures. This first was chosen by the Editors of MSNBC and shows unrelenting tragedy. I didn't get the end because I literally started falling asleep it was so dreary AND boring. However, look at the People's Choice pictures of the year and what a contrast! Images of beauty, nature, and real human emotion.

The Media's Regard for the Public

As some of my reader may know, I survived cancer, largely because of the skills I learned in teaching strategy. I take an interest in new research. So this article on colon cancer caught my attention. One of my best friends (and the best man at our wedding) died of the disease while I was recovering from cancer treatment. This article seemed, at first, to say that many people aren't getting the proper chemotherapy for color cancer, but then I read it more closely.

Comforting Thoughts

Strategy relies on controlling information. We have written extensively about the nature of fourth generation war as an information war and our concern that America and our forces didn't understand this. This article in the New York Times is meant to be an attack on the military, but I find it comforting to discover that our military understands the basics of strategy even when applied to a new type of battlefied.

Talk About Missing Your Market!

Just bought a U.S. News magazine :collector's edition" dedicated to the "Untold Tailes of the Great Conquerors" and I have never read anything so poorly designed to appeal to the target market. Who would buy this magazine? My giuess would be history buffs and those who are interested in learning from history's conquerers. How many of those people are interested in a multicutural bashing of those conquerers, applying the "ethical" standards that have never existed at any time in history except among the today's?

Controlling Climate Change: Fiction or Fantasy?

2,500 hundred years ago, everyone understood that it is the nature of the climate to change. The changing climate is one of the five key components of a strategic position and the one that defines all positions as dynamic and ever-changing. The fact that people are organizing to protest climate change, is perhaps the best measure of how disconnected people have become from the realities of real life. People who grow up expecting that society can protect them from reality are deluded.

The War for Democracy: Iraq and at Home

Strategy teaches that controlling the ground in any challenge is largely a matter of economics. This recent article about Iraq makes several important economic points: that the economy in Iraq is humming along and that many are going into the military and police because the work pays well. However, on a more negative not, it also points out that corruption is a real problem and the promise of political power deliverying economic gains through corruption is feuling much of the interest in democracy.

A Teenager's View of Iraq

Sun Tzu made it clear that all wars are information wars. Iraq is more so than most because, as Zawahri says, "at least half this battle is in the media." As everyone realize this, a lot of the discussion about Iraq has centered on what is discussed and what isn't, but the media no longer controls tihs discussion. In an age of cheap communication and transportation, more and more people here directly from the front.

Thankful Tnanksgiving Everyone!

The thing that I am the most thankful for is that Americans are still willing to fight, die, and sacrifice for the ideal of spreading democracy and freedom througout the world. It is easy to be cynical, easy to be selfish, easy to be materialistic, easy to blame others, and easy to be elitist in thinking that the rest of the world doesn't matter. In other words, I am thankful that America is not Europe.

The Long War and the Short Memory

My major criticism of both the media and the government in the War on Terror is their apparent inability to provide a larger strategic context for the conflict. For example, the Mudville Gazette does an excellent job in this long post giving the entire history of the U.S. war with Iraq from 1990 to 2003. Since Iraq is discussed everyday ad naseum, you would think these facts were well known. But instead of information, we get the repetition of non-facts regarding yellowcake in Nigeria to explain the war with Iraq. Ignorgance goes before the fall. If the US ever falls, it will be because of our collective amnesia regarding matters of life and death.


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