Bad Information = Bad Decisions

Sun Tzu's strategy is a decision making system based on knowing how to use information. It is the science of creating competitive advantage from the superior use of available information. Totalitarian governments are at a competitive disadvantage in the modern world because they try to control the information that their people receive. This raises an interesting question: what happens to democracies when the mainstream media they trust produces a flow of bad or incomplete information?

The High Cost of Elitism: Movies the Indoctrinate Instead of Entertain

As someone who used to go to a movie at least once a week, nothing saddens me more than the fact that Hollywood has decided that politics are more important than entertaining its audience. Last week, we had The Constant Gardner, another crazy conspiracy film where the evil corporations can only make money by killing people.

Creating Islands of Stability Among Chaos

One of my readers, Will Brown, inspired the concept that what strategy does is create islands of control within a larger world of chaos. Donald Sensing, whose One Hand Clapping blog inspired me to start this blog, extends this idea in a wonderful way in his latest post about his son joining the military and going to Iraq. He ends the post with:

Two Weeks from Now: The Katrina Story

I am doing a press and media even in NYC in about two weeks, so I spent some time last night thinking about what the news might be in that period of time. Though strategy teaches us that many events can never be forseen, it also teaches us to look for trends that we can use. In looking at the events surrounding Katrina, we can already see some extremely newsworthy trends:

The Critical and Hidden Division in Philosophy

In Sun Tzu's strategy, a shared philosophy is the uniting factor underlying a strategic position. Though much has been written about the increased hostility in the political division between Democrats and Republican, there is a more important and less noticed philosophical division in the nation: the split between the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the new media of talk radio and the Internet that both defines and drives the deepening political divisions in the country.

The Real Tragedy of Katrina

When I was diagnosed with cancer a little over four years ago, I saw fellow patients die because they didn't take responsibility for saving the own lives and because they didn't know how to make strategic decisions. This experience is what motivated me to start strategic training the general public instead of just large organizations.

Carping, Second-Guessing, and Productive Analysis

Strategic analysis is a well-defined system. Unfortunately, very few people understand what analysis is or how it works. The media and politicians will go on endlessly about how situations like Katrina must be "investigated" with the supposed justification being that we must learn from our errors. However, if you don't understand what "analysis" means, the process is a waste of time that degenerates into endless finger-pointing and ass-covering.


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