Clarity in the War on Terror

Strategy demands unity of the organization. As I have said before, one of Sun Tzu's main points in The Art of War is that unity rather than size or wealth is the source of strategic strength. The United States is only as powerful as it united. Unity determined by three of the five key factors: philosophy, command, and systems. Philosophy appeals to shared goals. Command is required to articulate those goals. Systems are required to get people working together toward those goals.

An Opening for a New Democratic Party

As long as the Democrat Party stands against traditional institutions from the church to marriage to the military to free enterprise, I believe that it is doomed. These positions amplify the voice of a very small number of Democrats and drive away a majority of traditional Democrats. It makes the Democrat charges of Republicans being "evil" sound hollow because most Americans do not believe that these traditional institutions are evil.

Of All the Crazy Media Ideas

I know because I spend all my time writing and speaking about strategy, I see the world how the world works in a way most people don't. But I find it hard to believe that anyone with more than a second-grade education buys into this particular "news story," but considering that this story comes out once every few months, and nobody laughs at it, I guess I am wrong.


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