The Core of Philosophy

Sun Tzu's The Art of War teaches that of the five factors that define a strategic position, philosophy is the core, the central element that holds everything else together. The value of having a clear, unambiguous philosophy was shown tonight in the Republican convention. Republicans were able to be unambiguously religious, pro-family, pro-tradition, pro-military, pro-America and anti-terrorist. Because of this, the presentation was clean, fairly memorable (for a political event), and even emotionally affecting (Guiliani is good!).

The Mainstream Media's Quest for Power

Sun Tzu saw everything in life as part of a competitive challenge. He taught that every organization is always competing with all other (and everyone within an organization is competing with each other). For this point of views, we have to recognize that the media, as the fourth estate, has always been in competition with the other three estates--religion, the government, and the people. The high point for the mainstream media (network television and the major newspapers) was the resignation of Nixon.

Fighting War in the Courts

The recent court decision on prisoner's at Guantanamo attempt to merge legal and military systems to the benefit of no one but America's enemies. Sun Tzu teaches that the strategy depends on economic realities. If the courts insist that every enemy fighting against the US deserve full legal protection, America's cost of fighting wars will zoom out of control. Not only will we have to pay the war itself but, if we take prisoners, for prosecuting enemy combatants but defending them as

To Those Who Think the US Government is Destroying the World

I received this mail from someone who firmly believes that the US government in responsible for every problem in the world because it is a tool of the "corporate state." One of the chief claims is that our government created every homicidal dictator in the world. I wrote a long response but the email that the person used doesn't work, so I post my response here.

A Test of the Religion of Environmentalism

On Earth Day, we should remember that environmentalism is no longer a scientific movement (which I support) and instead has become a fanatical religion. The tenents of this religion costs us 1-2 million lives a year and has cost us 30-60 million human lives over the last 30 years (see American Council on Science and Health article here). On May 28th, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, a movie on environmental disaster, opens. Its acceptance or lack thereof is the same kind of test for the religion of

Marriage as a Pair of Shoes

The warrior wife explains why marriage requires both a man and a woman. "If someone sells you two left shoes calling them 'a pair of shoes,' they are cheating you. Two of something does not necessarily make a pair. Expecting pairs of shoes to be complementary opposites, rather than two of the same thing, does not deprive people with two left feet of their rights."


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