Reality TV: Survivor

Many reality televisions shows are wonderful examples of how little people know about strategy. Though it is always cool to claim you don’t watch TV, I readily admit being a lifelong television devotee. My wife, who watches less television than I do, is the true addict in the family when it comes to Survivor. When the show debuted several years ago, I immediately saw it as a great laboratory for strategic theory. In the first Survivor, Richard Hatch emerged as the only competitor who had an inkling of strategy.

Positions on Marriage

When you develop the "warrior mind," you learn to stop seeing conflict and start seeing everything as positioning. You become less sensitive to words that people use to confuse issues, and more sensitive to where things are and where they are going. Because of the continuing debate on gay unions, I became curious about the historical positions of the Supreme Court regarding this matter and found a useful page that summarizes all Court decisions on race, class, and sex.

It's All Greek to Me: Homeostasis versus Heterosis

A bit of rambling about language and truth: earlier, I posted an article about gay “marriage” and how it defeats the purpose of true marriage, which is heterosis, the union of two different things to make something stronger. This idea lead me to a number of thoughts about how seeking “the other” (hetero in Greek) leads to progress, satisfaction, and a more complete life while seeking “the same” (homo in Greek) leads to stagnation, unhappiness, and a less-satisfying life.

Roe vs. Wade and The Balance of All Things

In my last post, I discussed the concept of quan (completeness) in Sun Tzu where opposite but complementary forces balance and complete each other. How does this apply to abortion? A post by Tarantino points out that liberalized abortion laws have (probably) affected the number of liberals alive today. Those who think abortion is okay are more likely to have less children while those who have oppose abortion are more likely to have more children. Initially, the

Sun Tzu's strategy and Gay Marriage

In a recent interview, I said that Sun Tzu’s philosophy could clarify any situation and was challenged to tackle the topic of gay marriage. While this is not normally an area I concern myself with, I was surprised to discover that the philosophy had quite a lot to say about the topic.
The root of Sun Tzu’s work and all Asian philosophy is the union of opposites. The Art of War is composed almost entirely of opposing and complementary concepts (as we explore


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