Global Warming: Fraud or Great Strategy?

The recent exposure of a thousand emails among leading "scientists" involved in the promotion of so-called "man-caused global warming" demonstrates that their motivations have little to do with science. The emails discuss, among other things, the best ways to fudge data and keeping their efforts secret from scientists who are not "as predictable as we would like."

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Actions Speak Louder the Words: Future Energy

Sun Tzu teaches that we listen to people to learn their plans, but that we judge their words by actions. The world has always been divided between doers and talkers. While our modern media is dominated by those who do the talking, the future is being created by those who are busy doing. A good example is what is happening on the energy/global warming front. A great summary is offered by this article in Forbes. While politicians talk about non-carbon energy, the world of doers is embracing it.

Save the World: Stop Eating!

Sun Tzu's strategy was developed because it is so easy to lose touch with reality. How easy? In this earlier post, I compared the idea that we can stop using oil to the idea equally silly idea that to save the environment, we must stop eating. Apparently, this wasn't as much of a parody as I thought. Today, I see this report from ABC news telling us that to save the earth we must stop eating. Or make a start anyway by stop eating beef.

Strategic Perspective: Food for Thought

Foolish ideas seem logical if they are repeated often enough. Sun Tzu's strategy teaches the use of analogies to support logic. For example, do the arguments about energy policy make sense in terms of food policy? Current food technology does a thousand times more ecological damage than any other human activity including using oil. Farming cuts down trees, plows up the land, depletes limited water resources, spreads dangerous chemicals, and intentionally poisons natural plants and animals. Using ecologically unsound food is destroying the planet.

First, Do No Harm: The Example of Global Warming

In Sun Tzu's strategy, the goal is always improving your position. A common strategic errors is thinking that, if there is a problem, action is ALWAYS necessary. However, action only makes sense if it makes the situation better. There are many situations that action makes work. For example, Freeman Dyson, one of the world leading mathematicians and physicists, discusses the problem of Global Warming in exactly the context.


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