The Global Warming Problem Get Bigger

Remember what strategy teaches, positions either expand or die. With that in mind, that deadly warming is not just "global" any more. It is spreading to the entire solar system. It is already affecting Mars, Jupiter, Neptune's moon, and Pluto. Of course, this creates a little bit of a problem for the "human-caused" part of the equation. Hmmm, what to do? What to do?

Chicken Little Media

As we approach a "three-week early" daylight saving change,; the chicken little media says it threatens another Y2K bug. Huh? Has it been so long ago that we have forgotten than the panic over the Y2K bug was nothing but another Chicken Little drill? Nothing happened, remember? Remember? Just like nothing happened over the last thousand other media panics, both big and small.

What Everyone "Knows:" Global Warming and the Death of the Media

Strategy teaches that most contests among people are won on the basis of superior knowledge, but that the biggest strategic opportunities come not from exploiting the ignorance of others, but from exploiting their misconceptions. To borrow from Will Rodgers, "It isn't want we don't know that gets us in trouble. It is what we know, that ain't so."

The Elites and Global Warming

"Global warming" (the political movement, not the physical fact) is quickly becoming the best possible illustration of everything that is going wrong with modern society. In a single topic, it encapsulates:
  • 1. The "respect gap" between doers and talkers, best illustrated by the fact that the global warming talker-in-chief, Al Gore, is lionized in the media and Hollywood for his talk while in his personal life, he produces more carbon gas the a fire in a coal mine.

Science, the State, and Your Future

Sun Tzu's strategy is a science, designed to systematically analyze the human psychology of competition. While those in the media constantly claim that science in under attack by religion, the truth is that science can never threatened by religion, that is, by what people believe. As a method, it is available to anyone who chooses to use it, regardless of belief. Instead the sciences are constantly threatened by the state, which has always sought to control people through the control of information.

Predicting Your Future: The Ground and the Climate

This post examines two predictions of future catastrophes. The first is Global Warming. The second is the collapse of Social Security. One of these catastrophes is completely predictable and avoidable and yet largely ignored by the media and government, which refuses to take action to avoid it. The other is completely unpredictable and, if true, just as completely unavoidable, and yet it is discussed everyday in the media any by members of the government who insist that actions must be taken. This post examines why one is predictable, that other not, why they are treated so differently, and why understanding what is predictable and controllable and what is not is so important to your personal success.

Freedom, Creativity, and the Fear Mongers

As we mourn the death of one of the great champions of freedom, Milton Friedman, (a great article by Thomas Sowell here, a summary of many of his ideas on freedom here) we should recognize that champions of strategy must also be champions of freedom. I thought of Friedman while I read about a new process for inexpensively processing oil shale. This process could lower the price of a barrel of oil to as little as $17. How would such a breakthrough benefit the economies of the world? How would it undermine state tyrannies based on the control of oil? More importantly, what role does freedom play in these innovations and how does regulation prevent them?

Science, Strategy, and Climate

As we have noted before, one of the most basic principles of strategy is that we have to adjust to changes in the climate. This principle is based on the fact that any type climate--economic, business, political, or physical--is too large and complex for anyone to change. Climate, by definition, involves a interaction of every part of that environment. Even the smallest elements may have a huge impact. Today, science studies this principle under the heading of "chaos theory" and "complexity," but the idea remains the same in the 2,500 years since Sun Tzu articulated it. Today, the political "global warming" movement attempts to stand this simple fact of nature on its head. It calls upon us to believe that a world government of some sort could actually pass legislation that can control the climate. The consequence of acting as if you can control the climate are always disasterous. Science is designed to leverage the natural forces of nature (both human and otherwise), not fight agianst these forces. The "global warming" movement illustrates the impossibility of fighting against the forces of nature and how destructive such a battle is. In this case, the credibility of the scientific community is at stake as many within that community seek to change science into a political force. A great recent article explains how "global warming" politics are corrupting the scientific community.

Millions of Lives Saved by "Global Warming"

Continuing the theme that there is no such thing as the "common good," let us look again at the organizations that claim to embody the common good, in this case, the selfless environmentalist groups. If our analysis is correct, these organizations will defend their positions, even when those positions clearly hurt large numbers of innocent people without providing any environmental benefit. Stategy teaches that when a group wins a victory, it is likely to selfishly defend the position it has won until it advances to a new, better position. Because they are self-centered, organization can only abandon a position, even a bad one, when they win new victories that allow them to move on. Perhaps there is no more tragic example of the long defense of a destructive position than the environmental movement’s battle to continue of the ban on DDT. Only the movement’s recent victories on the “global warming” front have allowed it to abandon its stubborn defense of this deadly ban. The ban has killed tens millions of innocent people, mostly children, mostly in Africa. By defending it, the environmental movement gave up many of its pretenses of defending human life. It would have continued defending the continued slaughter of innocents if the movement wasn't now focused on consolidating its power through its new "global warming" agenda. (If you want to know why I put "global warming" in quotes, read this post.) So, in a very backward sense, you can say that the fight against "global warming" is already saving lives by redirecting the efforts of environmentalists to where they are doing less immediate damage.


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