Europe: Already an Economic Backwater

In a recent post, I discussed how Europe is strategically positioned for decline, based on Sun Tzu's idea that if you are not moving forward, you must naturally far victim to other's who are more aggressive. A new economic report by the European Chambers of Commerceby quantifies how much Europe has fallen behind the U.S. already: - In employment, Europe is where the US was in 1973. - In R&D, Europe is where the US was in 1979.

The Future of Europe

Sun Tzu's strategy is all about positioning for the future. It is largely a matter of understand how one position leads naturally to the next. Peter Drucker, the guru of modern management, said that there are two ways of perfectly predicting the future. First, you can forecast based upon the natural progress of time. For example, without knowing anything about you, dear reader, I can predict you will be a year older on March 1st, 2006. The second way of predicting the future is a little more tricky. It requires knowing what you can do and then doing it.

The Strategic Position of China and HP's Merger

First, I apologize for not posting recently, we were out of town on vacation, then a relative (my wife's grandfather) died and we have been pretty busy, but since I have a little time (and since the little motel we are in has a wireless network), I thought that I would answer a few reader's questions: First, A reader writes (see complete post here):

Another Secret War?

For a long timer, the war of Islamic terrorists against America went unrecognized. Is there another war going on that is also unrecognized? This article by Nelson Ascher makes the credible case that the world's leftists, frustrated by the fall of the Berlin Wall, have been regrouping and reorganizing in a war against America as revenge for defeating worldwide Communism.

Games of Practicing Strategy

A reader writes:
I was wanting to know what sort of activities do you do that helps to refine your skills in strategic thinking.. Any particular games that you like to play? Since I have more of a hands on/visual type of learning ability, What good games or other activities would you suggest I do in order to build my skills as well?

Predictions for 2005

Let me preface by saying that strategy teaches you NOT to make long-term predictions because, by definition, situations can be changed by people making the right decisions. Sun Tzu's strategy is more about recognizing opportunities as they arise and taking advantage of them. That said, I was asked by the Coast to Coast Radio Show to do a series of predictions for 2005 to discuss during my interview on the 19th. Here is my list: 1. Other governments in Middle East visibly start embracing democracy and freeing their economies.


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