Democratic Strategy Revisited

For reader's who think that the strategy changes I have suggested for Democrats are impossible, perhaps you should read this( and don't stop until this seventh paragraph where you get the payoff). If Democratic consultant Lanny Davis, candidate for Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Roemer and former John Kerry campaign manager Jim Jordan are beginning to see the light, there is real hope for the party.

The Power of Competition: Exploring Space

Our warrior's rules taught in The Art of War don't teach war, they teach the keys to competitive success. Sun Tzu saw the competition of war as a crucible that separated the true from the false. Modern economic and political freedom move that testing ground from the battlefield to the marketplace. In this process, people have become confused about what governments do well, (fight wars) and what free individuals do well, which is advance human society economically and in every other way.

Social Security: Problems into Opporutnities

One of Sun Tzu's basic premise is that all problems are opportunities for those with vision. Currently, all the news about Social Security reform is a great example. For years, social security was considered the "third rail" of politics, you couldn't touch it. But Bush isn't treating it that way. He is treating it like a political opportunity.

The Infinite Ground

Part of Sun Tzu's genius was that he foresaw that competition and war could take any form. As you read The Art of War, you won't know what type of weapons (spears, archers, swords) or troops (infantry, cavalry, charriot, etc.) were used in ancient China. This is very different from every other author on war, who considered their technology and organization their main advantage.

Free Enterprise Liberated from Capitalism

While communism is being abandoned throughout the world, some, especially in the media, cling to the foolish Marxist analysis of economics and its misleading terminology. In one glaring example, the term "capitalism" is constantly used, even by the right, to describe free enterprise. It is the freedom of individuals in our economic system that distinguishes it from everything else. It is not, as Marx would have it, the ownership of the "means of production" by individuals instead of the "workers" or "the state."

Predictions of the Future

I have been working getting new testing software working on the website (, which has been broken since moving to a new host. As I was getting a test up on the new software, one of the questions related to Sun Tzu's claim that if you understand strategy, you can predict the future with a greater accuracy than those who don't. With this in mind, I thought I might makes some predictions. Elections in Iraq?

Draining the Swamp of Terror

In our new book, Strategy against Terror, as we go through Sun Tzu's analysis of terrorism, it seems clear that the lack of economic opportunity in Islamic countries is one of the primary drivers for terror. Indeed, many oppressive governments in the region encourage fundamentalism to channel young people's frustrations. ("Islam" means "submission.") How does success in Iraq change that? Read this article in USA Today about the increases in marriage in Iraq.

"Enviromental Attacks" against Business

Sun Tzu's penultimate chapter is about "fire attacks," but the lesson apply to any form of what I call "environmental attacks," which leverage conditions in the environment against opponents. This post in The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid about Henry G. Mann's article in the Wall Street Journal, points out the dangers of regulation "populism." The article discusses the use of the criminal courts by a lawyer, Mr.


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