Donald Trump: Overextension

Sun Tzu teaches that we should only expand when we have an excess of resources. Yet, expansion can be addicting. A good example is Donald Trump, one of the promotional geniuses of our era, but a man who should have stuck to real estate investment where value derives largely from image. His mistake was using the type of debt that works in real estate to finance the purchase of casinos when he clearly doesn't know how to make money in the casino business.

Long Running Business Battles

When I started this blog, I thought one major focus would be on business, since that is really more my interest than politics. For example, this long-going take-over battle between Oracle and Peoplesoft is exactly why Sun Tzu warns against long campaigns. While this is going on, Oracle's main competitors (IBM, Microsoft) and Peoplesoft's main competitor (SAS) can win sales based upon the uncertainty of the takeover bid.

To Those Who Think the US Government is Destroying the World

I received this mail from someone who firmly believes that the US government in responsible for every problem in the world because it is a tool of the "corporate state." One of the chief claims is that our government created every homicidal dictator in the world. I wrote a long response but the email that the person used doesn't work, so I post my response here.

Let Us Widen the Gap between Rich and Poor

The Art of War is a paean to progress. It extols the idea that, no matter what our current position, we can improve it continuously if we act strategically. Some object to progress because it widens the gap between rich and poor. But according to Sun Tzu's philosophy, the wider the gap between rich and poor, the better! The only way to eliminate that gap is to eliminate progress. That gap measures progress.


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