The Battle Lines Are Drawn

At the horrifying risk of receiving comments that I am again disparaging the mainstream media unfairly, the decision of the NYT and the the LA Times to publish secrets about one of the world's most effective anti-terrorist programs has finally made it clear that the real battleground for the terror war, as I have said all along, is in the media itself. Rather than explain myself, let me quote Ace of Spades which makes the point more strongly than I would.

The Ground for Global Warming

Just finished training a number of comporate managers on strategy and have another book deadline coming up, so I don't have a lot of time to post, but the global warming question has generated so many thoughtful responses (recently from Steven D. and James B.) that I thought I would see if we can take the question back to issues of strategy, which after all, is the purpose of this blog.

Bushes Middle Ground on Immigration

Strategy teaches that an opportunity is an opening. As such, it exists as a space that no one else has yet discovered. Compromises can represent openings when they exists as a middle space no one else can see. Sometimes you can even use a compromise to reveal the other parties' real priorities. Solomon's splitting-the-baby solution was a great example. Bad compromises are the worst of all possible worlds, half solutions that work as well as half a bridge, all cost and no value.

Illegals Protest: The Definition of Poor Strategy

As we often explain, basic strategy calls for "winning without conflict." If you push people, they naturally push back. Instead of trying to push opponents around, strategy looks for positions that isolate opponents by building relationships with their potential supporters. When it comes to good strategy, aggression is usually a form of self-indulgence. It satisfies your ego while hurting your position.

Democratic Strategy and 2006 Elections

Strategy teaches that you cannot create your own opportunities. Your opponent has to create the opening for you. However, you have to know how to take advantage of the opening. In the run-up to the 2006 election, as this article about Democratic strategy points out, the Republicans have created an opening. but the Democrats will have a difficult time taking advantage of it.

Suspending the Law of Cause and Effect

In reading this article about the riots in France, I become further convince that we understand less of strategy today because modern society is increasingly disconnected from the simple laws of human nature. People used to learn about strategy from simple human reactions. Their knowledge may not have been organized and codified, but the basic idea of cause and effect within human reactions were well understood. What happened?


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