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Success In Small Business

80% of small businesses fail within the first couple of years. For startups, business is a battle for survival. People like you have discovered the value of Sun Tzu's ideas in running their own business. These are some of the things results they have reported.

Sales is always a major concern for business owners. Results matter. Ashley Alexis is a small business owner and she reports that our training has been "helpful" saying: ".. believe it or not, sales have almost doubled!"

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Success in Career

Everyone working for an employer likes to feel appreciated and see their hard work rewarded.  Everyone also wants to win the promotions and pay raises they deserve. Let's read some email we have gotten about how good strategy changes the arc of people's careers.

For us at the Institute, nothing is more gratifying that getting a message from a customer that starts out: "Just wanted to tell you how much your books have changed my life."

This particular message came from Ossy Herdandez. Ossy was familiar with Sun Tzu's work before discovering adaptations. His message goes on to say:

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Play Book Overview

Sun Tzu's Play Book teaches us to look outward toward improving our position in the world.  They teach us how the decisions that we make every day affect our position. Most of us understand the meaning and use of strategy only vaguely. We learn a few rules from experience but not enough to give us a comprehensive mental model for consistent success.

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