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A Success Story in Medicine by Allan Elder

I was reading your blog on reversal and it reminds me of how I have used it. Once again, I put this in a story format in case anyone wants to use it.

When developing my wife's medical practice we listed the "rules" of running a practice. While some of those rules were demanded by the government many were simply historical and had no basis in success. Wanting to use her practice as an example Sun Tzu's strategy actually works we flipped all the rules we didn't like upside down.

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The Positioning of Sun Tzu's strategy

At our first Trainers Meeting, we identified a opening in the marketplace for training for “front-line” strategy, that is, strategy that could be used in the day-to-day execution of the business. A number of articles and communications since our meeting have verified that more and more people are becoming away that in terms of “strategy” something vital is missing.

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Award Recognition

The Science of Strategy Institute is based on strategic knowledge from experts around the world, but it was inspired and founded on the work of Gary Gagliardi. In just the last few years, Gary Gagliardi has won more award recognition in more categories than any nonfiction author and, of course, more award recognition than any other author writing exclusively on the topic of strategy. He has won

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The Reversal Factor: How McCain Can Still Win Big

Strategically, the competitive environment consists of two components, the climate and the ground. Climate is constantly changing while the ground is stable. Climate is tricky because trends don't continue in the same direction indefinately. They turn around instantly, as we have seen recently in n the market. We have to use the climate to build positions on the ground but those positions have to withstand changes in climate and bad decisions about climate can hurt positions.


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