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Evaluting a New Position Before Moving: Example of Bad Tax Policy

Before moving to a new position, Sun Tzu's strategy teaches that you have to evaluate that position from the perspective of where it leads. The idea is that we don't want to get into a position that is either hard to defend or from which it is difficult to escape in the future. Unfortunately, in reacting to events, most people are not in the habit of thinking about the next move just getting out of their current situation. This is especially true of the political class.

New Membership Website

We have just finished creating our new membership site. We announced this move a couple of weeks ago and are proud to say that we have the new site up and running. Please let us know of any problems especially of links taking you back to the old site. Lot of new feature for members including the ability to create your own Strategy Groups and invite people to them. Guests get access to most of the surface material. As you get down into the Institute's proprietary research, we ask you to register at no charge.

Decision Science

Many people are in a mess and don’t know how to get out. Why? Because they don't know that there is a whole science dedicated to improving positions and to making better decisions. Sun Tzu's adaptive response strategy is a scientific theory that explains what works in challenging situations. In technical terms, Sun Tzu's strategy is a matrix-based, feedback loop. By "matrix," we mean seeing positions in several dimensions simultaneously.

Competitive Arenas: 

Today's Need for Skills in Competitive Strategy

Why learn Sun Tzu's Golden Key Strategy? To take advantage how our world is changing. Even though these principles go back 2,500 years, they are increasingly important in the increasingly competitive world of in which we now live. Competition is a comparison. The way businesses and workers have been compared in the past is not the same as they will be compared in the future. 

The Diminishing Returns of Better Management Planning

Competitive Arenas: 

Seeing Patterns: Real or Imaginary?

Human beings are wired to find patters, but unfortunately, we can see patterns even where they do not exist. A recent study in Science magazine demonstrates the people imagine patterns even where there are none, especially in times of stress. Like all of science, Sun Tzu's strategy uses patterns, models, for making decisions about the chaotic information in the environment, but these models have been proven over 2,500 years in the most unforgiving environment of all: the life and death struggles of war.

The Future of Strategy: Creating a Home for Students of Sun Tzu

I personally try to contact all the people who download our free copy of Sun Tzu's work, but one of my frustrations in that most readers don't seem to realize that learning strategy isn't about simply reading a book but relearning how they think about success. Thanks to our recent trainers meeting, I realize what people studying Sun Tzu have been looking for home, a place where they can get together with other people who want to master those concepts. I was recently invited to be part of a group setting up a local Seattle chapter of the Association for Strategic Planners.


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