9 Formulas for Business Success: the Science of Strategy

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The  versions of our Nine Formula's Book.The book explains an easy-to-use strategy for building successful businesses. The author used this system to build his own company, one of the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in America. The system itself, however, is much older, based on Sun Tzu’s competitive principles that have been handed down and practiced for 2,500 years.

The nine formulas in this book describe a process of building up competitive positions and advancing them. It starts with collecting the right information. Then learning how to spot opportunities and analyzing them which ones you are best positioned to use. It teaches you how to minimize risks when you committing to a move and how to foresee and respond to the nine situations you are likely to encounter. As you move forward, it teaches you how to use your position to build momentum, maximize your rewards, and protect what you have built.

The nine formulas in the book are presented like recipes, describing the ingredients needed from your environment and how you put those ingredients together to create a successful enterprise. You don’t have to be born a genius to understand this competitive strategy. The nine formulas in this book make this process much easier.

This process is based on making simple comparisons. The right comparisons lead to the right decisions. Your decisions determine your competitive position. It is this position that other people compare with the positions of others to determine your businesses success.

Table of Contents:

Strategy 101: The Success Formulas: Know How to Compete 
Formula 1: 9 Key Components Formula:Understand Competitive Positions
Formula 2: Find Friends Formula - Success Starts With Information
Formula 3: Observe Opportunities Formula - Competitors Create Your Openings
Formula 4: Recognize Restrictions Formula - Places for Advancing and Defending
Formula 5: Minimize Mistakes Formula - Make Competitive Advances Safely
Formula 6: Undercut Uncertainty Formula - Respond to Changing Conditions
Formula 7: Leverage Leaps Formula - Create Momentum for Dominance
Formula 8: Acquire Awards Formula - Make Victory Pay
Formula 9: Secure Safety Formula - Defend From Competitive Attack