About Our Organization

After almost two decade of existence, the Science of Strategy Institute (SOSI) is a large repository for materials that put Sun Tzu's principles into simple, everyday terms that anyone can use to become more successful. Over 250,000 people have received training from us in one form or another all over the world. Starting with our award-winning books and audios, we have gone on the create a complete training system to help you master "winning without conflict."  Our Sun Tzu's Play Book uses the latest research into psychology, game theory, and decision-science to clarify how and why these 2,500 year-old principles work so well. We will continue to try to keep this information available, though, over time, we are not willing to update all past offerings. 

SOSI's Mission

SOSI's mission is to promote the world's understanding of Sun Tzu's The Art of War. By promoting this body of rules explaining how competition works, we help individuals find more success in their lives more quickly and easily. Since Sun Tzu's Sun Tzu's Rules stress the fact that conflict is too costly to lead to consistent success, SOSI's work seeks to eliminate the costly conflict in the world that stands in the way of people winning.

These rules transform our view of competition away from beating our opponents toward seeking our success. Our body of rules focuses on Sun Tzu's concept of understanding positions and how positions are advanced. They teach that we best advance our position by making good decisions leveraging dynamic conditions in our environment.

Organization History

The Science of Strategy Institute (SOSI) was created out Gary Gagliardi's award-winning  work explaining Sun Tzu's strategic system. After Gary had become financially independent with the sale of his software company in the late 1990s, he focused a major part of his efforts on refining Sun Tzu's ideas, Gary worked directly with a number of large organizations training their employees in strategic thinking. Out of that work, his books and a large amount of training material was developed, but he had no desire  to create another company and manage employees. The "institute" was originally created as an resources for our worldwide network of independent trainers who organized their training around Gagliardi's work. At one time, we had licensed trainers throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. As the training side of the business grew, Clearbridge Publishing, our publishing company was folded into it. However, after the financial dislocation of 2008, the demand for training declined and SOSI stopped soliciting new trainers. In 2011, Clearbridge stopped printing books for distribution to the book stores. Instead, we moved all of our books to eBook and On-Demand Printing through Amazon.   After Gary personally retired from training in 2013, he released all his existing licensed trainers from their association with the Institute, licensing them to use his materials without further compensation to the Institute. Gary continues his writing and development of Sun Tzu's strategic system, but the company is now essentially a two-person company, consisting of Gary and his wife. 


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