About Strategy Trainers’ Program

I am still too busy to do a lot of blogging, but if you have any topic you'd like me to address, please send it to me at garyg here at Clearbridge.com.

Just finished got the proofs for three new books back from printer and I am getting out all changes today. This (I hope) will finish my main writing projects for the year.

My next major project will be updating and strengthening our Science of Strategy Institute's Trainers' program. We have just started advertising the speaking programs and we are getting a flood of requests for applications from potential trainers. We have just licensed a new trainer in Los Angeles, Allan Elder. Welcome Allan. We are also on the verge of licensing our first "sub" location, a Science of Strategy Institute for Scandinavia out of Denmark, run by Alex Fonnesbech.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to have the following ready as well:

  1. A 2 hour plus video/audio seminar on strategy specifically designed for people with their own small businesses. I am calling this my "Golden Key to Strategy" seminar since it uses the graphics, stories, and quotes from the Golden Key book, though the seminar itself was presented to a group of small business people before the book came out (It later won the Ben Franklin Award as Best Self-Help Book of the Year.) This seminar is meant both as training for our trainers about how to run their own small businesses and an example for them about how to present a broader range of the concepts of strategy. This material will be available on-line at our Strategy School. It will be, of course, also for sale to everyone else as through our Strategy Store an audio and DVD video.
  2. We will soon be starting a regular teleconferences for all "first tier" (see 6 below) trainers to discuss our new programs, progress in their individual training business, and how we can more effectively work together in the future.
  3. For trainers who want to do their own strategy books, we will be offering a number of services to make it a lot more affordable to do a professional job of publishing. Getting a profession book design (cover and text) alone costs at least a thousand dollars. Art, proofing, and preparing the manuscript costs hundred and even thousands more. Then you get to printing, which is really expensive. What we plan to do is offer four or five of our standard book templates (both covers and internal designs) for very reasonable charge. Then we will channel trainer's books through our own publishing (art, proofing, printing) resources, which will cost trainers about half of what most people pay. Among the options we will offer will include publishing under the Clearbridge name, getting access to our distribution channels, using our Art of War translations/adaptations as a base for their book, and my joining on their projects as a co-author.
  4. For trainers who want a better web presence, we will be offering a "ready-made" site for our trainers that they can customize, but which will include training material, graphics, video, and audio from our website. For example, we will be allowing them to distribute a special FREE special edition (promoting their own speaking) of our basic AOW translation to those who register with them. This will allow them to collect their own mailing list and manage that list, sending them messages. We will also be offering Affiliate connections to our website, which will automatically give trainers commission on all web sales from any customers coming in through them.
  5. For trainers who want to do more promoting their speaking/training businesses, we will offer a publicity program which will include supplying trainer with the contacts for the major radio shows in their area with instructions about how to work with local radio. I will offer my services and segment ideas so they can, hopefully, book me on their local radio shows, on which I will promote them and their business. Over time, we hope to get trainers offering their own strategic insights on local shows.
  6. As the program grows, we are going to be licensing some of our more experienced trainers to recruit, train, and manage new trainers.