About Us Overview

The Science of Strategy Institute (SOSI) is the world's leading membership organization dedicated to our warrior's rules. Over the last decade, hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations have used our products and programs to master the secrets of Sun Tzu's strategy all over the world.

SOSI's mission is to promote the strategic concepts of Sun Tzu, develop the strategic skills of our members, and promote the concept of "winning without conflict" to create more effective organizations and communities worldwide.

We champion the adaptive strategic principles first written down in Sun Tzu's The Art of War. SOSI develops information about strategy, training tools, and offers on-line and on-site education for our members.

The Institute was founded by Gary Gagliardi, the world's leading authority on the use of Sun Tzu's strategy in today's world, based on is award-winning books.  The Institute started as the training branch of Gary's publishing business. It began in 2003 as a centralized resource for the strategic trainers from all over the world who were licensed to use Gary's training materials. Over the years, the Institute began focusing more and more on delivery on-line training.

In an effort to make Sun Tzu's ideas easier to use, the Institute has focused most recently on developing Sun Tzu's rules as a syllabus for training. 

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