The Art of Parenting: Sun Tzu's Art of War for Parenting Teens

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Two books in one, this book contains the complete translation of 'The Art of War" plus a line-by-line adaptation for parenting teenagers, defending them for destructive social influences.

The teenage years are the most dangerous time for your child. For most parents and children, it is also a time of intense discord. How can you help your teens during this difficult period? You can apply the ancient Chinese art of bing-fa, winning without conflict, translated in English as The Art of War. This book shows you how to apply the strategies of bing-fa to guiding, teaching, and controlling your teenagers.

In this adaptation, we apply bing-fa to help you:
• Plan for the teenage years
• Teach your teen to get involved
• Avoid unnecessary conflicts
• Recognize danger signs
• Build character
• Make punishment work

This book is NOT based upon fragmentary public domain translation of Sun Tzu but Gary Gagliardi's award winning 2001 translation that is used in the study of Sun Tzu around the world.