The Art of War plus The Art of Management (for Management Warriors)

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Two books in one! The complete text of The Art of War PLUS a special adaptation for management. Based on Gary Gagliardi's management use of Sun Tzu  in building one of the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in America and advising dozens of the world's best known organizations. Designed to appeal to managers in any type of organization, The Art of War for the Management Warrior uses Sun Tzu's proven strategy to address the leadership challenges of directing people, resources, quality, and continual improvement in a modern organization. It follows Sun Tzu's original text line by line. In the PDF, the Art of War is on the left-hand pages, and the management adaptation is on the facing right-hand pages. In the .EPUB and .MOBI format, each stanza of The Art of War is followed by the stanza adapted for managers.

Table of Contents 

Foreword: Using Management Strategy 
Introduction: Sun Tzu’s Strategic System 
(Art of War Chapter: Art of Management Chapter)
1 Analysis: The Strategic Situation
2 Going to War: Taking Control
3 Planning an Attack: Preparing to Advance
4 Positioning: Advancing Solutions 
5 Momentum:  Process Innovation 
6 Weakness and Strength: Problems and Opportunities
7 Armed Conflict: Internal Politics
8 Adaptability: Continuous Improvement
9 Armed March: Making Progress
10 Field Position: Best Practices
11 Types of Terrain: The Work Environment 
12 Attacking with Fire: Attacking Cycle Time
13 Using Spies: Acquiring Information
Glossary of Key Strategic Concepts
Index of Topics in The Art of War


"Gary Gagliardi is to be commended for the clarity and fluidity of his translation of The Art of War as well as for his skillful juxtaposition of the content with important issues in the contemporary business world as he focuses on the basic strategies and tactics of effective management... In terms of both Gagliardi’s translation and analysis, his is a brilliant achievement."
ROBERT MORRIS, Morris & Associates, Five-Star Reviews, Ranked #10 among Amazon and Borders Top 100 Reviewers

"Two books in one, this retranslating of Sun Tzu’s classic warfare text, The Art of War, runs side by side with Gagliardi’s application of it to business...Both are excellent guides to their subject."
F. JOHN REH, Guide to Management

"It is sheer genius to adapt Sun Tzu’s The Art of War to provide a manual for management. I have a degree in history and have managed numerous businesses over the years, but Gary Gagliardi has brought everything together for the first time. He urges us to ‘learn from the history of success.’ With the winning philosophy of thousands of years on our side, we cannot go wrong!"
THOMAS FORTENBERRY, Editor, Publisher, Literary Judge, and Award-Winning Author, Mind Fire Press