The Art of War Plus The Warrior's Apprentice

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Independent Publisher's Award Recognition -
Youth Nonfiction 2006

If you are young person growing up today, you are entering a world that is growing more and more competitive. If you want more control over your life, this book makes is designed to give you every advantage in every challenge you face. In it, you will learn that winning isn't a matter of how big you are or who your family is, but in learning how to control your own decisions and influence the decisions of others.

In this book, you learn 2,500 year-old secrets of the warrior's philosophy. This philosophy enables you to win any challenge. For over 2,500 years, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War has been used to train warriors in the magic of strategic thinking. This book contains the only award-winning English translation of Sun Tzu's work. It also contains the "Warrior's Apprentice", which applies these lessons line-by-line to the real life challenges that you face everyday as a young person.

This proven philosophy is the basis of all martial arts, but the art here isn't physical. It is a mental discipline, a way of seeing the world and making better decisions about what to do and how to do it. As a guide to the power of strategy, this book can transform your life. It gives you a new way understanding your possibilities and the opportunities that are waiting for you. Buy it today and benefit from it forever!

This book was written by Gary Gagliardi, America's leading authority on Sun Tzu's The Art of War and on the application of its competitive principles. Mr. Gagliardi isn't just a very writer, but he built an Inc. 500 software company before deciding to leave the business world to focus on education, training people in competitive thinking. His books on Sun Tzu and competition, including this one, have won award-recognition over and over again.


Forward: Choosing to Win 9

Introduction: 5 Elements & 9 Skills 20

1  Analysis                     27
    The Skill of Prophecy 29
2 Going to War               41
   The Choice of Paths 43
3 Planning an Attack 53
   The Power of Fellowship 55
4 Positioning 65
   The Place of Judgment 67
5 Momentum 77
   The Element of Surprise 79
6 Weakness and Strength 91
   The Alchemy of Opposites 93
7 Armed Conflict 107
   The Suppression of Hostility 109 
8 Adaptability 121 
   The Mastery of Change 123
9 Armed March 131
  The Path of Progress 133 
10 Field Position 151
     The Vision of Opportunity 153
11 Types of Terrain 169
      The Miracle of Training 171
12 Attacking with Fire 195
     The Discipline of Danger 197
13 Using Spies 207
      A Network of Sources 209
Glossary of Key Concepts 220
Art of War Index 224