Article PDF: 1.2.1 Competitive Landscapes

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Seven rules describing the nature of competitive arenas in which we establish strategic positions.

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This article explains what Sun Tzu taught about how our positions are intimately connected with the competitive landscape, but we are raised within an environment that is very different from the competitive landscape. In the controlled environments within which we are raised and go to school are relatively simple and static. Linear methods work well within these simple environments, but they do not work in the complex, rugged, dynamic landscapes of competition. Sun Tzu clearly separates the controlled environment of the nation from the competitive environment of the general. Unfortunately, today's educational system was designed to train us to work in controlled environments, specifically factories, where we could get by simply by following orders. The problem is that that the world in which we live in is not only competitive and complex but growing more and more competitive and complex. Most of the methods that we learned in school are poorly suited to deal with that complexity.