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Eleven rules describing key characteristics of the competitive landscape of persistent conditions.

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This article explains why our current position doesn't dictate where we can go in the long-term, but it does dictate where we can do next. We are confined by location and we move according to the laws governing space. Every location has its own shape and form. Every place is connected through space to nearby places. The challenge is understanding the laws the govern space and the shape and form of our current and nearby places. Space is the world of shapes, textures, and resources. Place is inherently much more complicated the time. Understanding the complex nature of location and its many characteristics and capacities is at the heart of good strategy. Without the resources that we get from our location, we could not continue to survive, must less compete. In a modern world, we make a mistake in taking these resources, such as food and water, for granted, not recognizing the work that has been required throughout history to attain them.