Article PDF: 1.5.2. Group Methods

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Ten rules describing systems for executing decisions and the range of skills they require.

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This article explains how our decisions depend on our skills and systems of execution. Our decisions have no value until they are executed. How well they are executed depend on the methods to which we have access. Decisions that cannot be executed by known methods are worthless. If we "decide" to build a perpetual motion machine, the decision is meaningless because that task, no matter how desirable, is impossible. Deciding to do something requires knowledge about how it can be accomplished. Our methods can only accomplish what nature and our situation allows. When it comes to producing value from our decisions, we have to understand the chain by which value is created. Since the skills of any individual are limited, knowing how to get things done means knowing how to find the people who can work with us to do them.Living as we do together with others in society--as opposed alone in the wilderness--we can do little or nothing by ourselves.