Article PDF: 1.6.1 Shared Mission

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Ten rules describing why and how missions are shared to create more powerful positions.

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This article explains how the strength of our positions depends on the what we share with others. When pushed, people push back. We cannot improve our position without the assistance of others. As long as we are not on a desert island, all of our resources and reward come to us through others. We cannot get people to commit to support us unless we also make commitments. As Thomas Shelling said it in The Strategy of Conflict, "The power to constrain an adversary depends upon the power to bind oneself." There is often disagreement among people about values. Even when we agree on values, we can disagree about direction. We dissagree about where a given path will lead. Since our opinions are about the future, all paths are uncertain. Even if a path has lead to a certain outcome in the past, we have no guarantee that it will do so in the future. Changes in climate shift a situation and its outcomes. Innovation can out-date any path. There can be no perfect prediction of the future.