Article PDF: 1.8.1 Creation and Destruction

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Five rules describing how the creation and destruction of competitive positions are a single process.

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This article describes the problem of seeing the continual process of creation and destruction that surrounds us. One of our training exercises is a demonstration of change blindness. In this demonstration, we show to version of the same picture where a major feature has been eliminated in one of them. If we flash the two pictures, one after another, the change is seen instantly. However, if we flash the picture with less than a second of white space in between, the change is invisible. Most people simply cannot see it.

Similarly, without understanding these rules we cannot see the changes taking place around us all the time. We see conditions as stable and predictable, but our perception of the world changes much slower than reality. Our mental models of the world are powerful tools when they are in sync with reality, but as they gradually fall out of step with the changes around us, they work less and less well. Positions are created and destroyed by the world's powerful processes of becoming despite the limitations of our perceptions and the rigidity of our mental models.