Article PDF: 2.0 Developing Perspective

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Four rules regarding how different viewpoints add depth to analysis.

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This article explains that, by definition, a single person's perspective is too narrow. It is an introduction to all of Sun Tzu's methods for developing strategic perspective. A single person only sees one side of a situation. Also, by definition, a singles person's view of their own situation or position is myopic. We are too close to our own lives to see them clearly. Others can see always our own situation and our own position within that situation more clearly than we can. The biggest problem is that the people that we naturally befriend are too much like ourselves. Everyone develops a contact network simply by meeting people as they live their lives. However, these "natural" networks are poorly suited from developing strategic perspective. Natural groups of friends largely share the same perspective. In other words, our natural friends and our families tend to share our narrow perspective. They see the world from more or less the same angle that we do.They tend to be the same age with the same background and the same interests. They usually share the same opinions on a number of topics. The people who are close to us have the same problem with perspective that we do.