Article PDF: 2.1.2 Leveraging Uncertainty

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Seven rules about how to use the chaos of competition to make better decisions.

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This article describes the chaotic nature of all competitive arenas and how it can give us advantage. All our early experiences in life are in controlled environments, where we are protected from competitive chaos. we are raised and educated in environments where the information that we need is readily available. In our first jobs outside the home, we only have to follow directions and do as we are told. These early experiences leads us to the false expectation that good quality information about what can and should be done is always be available.

When we venture out from controlled environments into competitive environments, this model of a controlled world is violated. We make a painful discovery. Much of what happens in the world is outside of anyone's control. Good information about what to do in many circumstances is simply unavailable. Many of us never can never accept this view of reality, constantly yearning for the comfortable mindset of our childhood.