Article PDF: 2.4.2 Climate Perspective

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Four rules describing the types of contacts we need to understand temporary external conditions

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This article explains that , as we focus on our little corner of the world, we often don’t see a change coming. If changes don’t fit into our historic view of what is important, we can easily miss them. The longer we are in a competitive arena ourselves, the less sensitive we are to what is changing. In today’s dynamic environment, our position can degrade quickly. Our current strategic position is constantly degrading. These trends can help or hinder us. We don’t know from which direction they will come. Change propagates itself like a wave. The changes of climate ripple back and forth, from one end of the world to the other, affecting one competitive arena after another. As this wave of change moves through different competitive arenas, it changes its form and shape but it keeps moving, affecting us all eventually.