Article PDF: 2.5 The Big Picture

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Eight rules detailing how a big picture perspective on relative positions is built from detailed information.

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This article explains how developing perspective on strategic situations is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. We are exposed to a flood of information in our daily lives. The more disconnected each piece of information is from all the other pieces; the harder it is to use this information and remember it. When we cannot fit information into a larger picture, it is quickly lost and forgotten. Whether we recognize it or not, everyone is building up this picture of their situation. The problem with the pictures that most people assemble is that they lack a framework to give them a comprehensible structure. Information still gets connected but randomly, with few points of connection and little verification. The resulting picture is both sketchy and fragile. Without a framework, this process takes more time. New pieces of information tend to pile up, blotting out areas of growing understanding when they don't fit.