Article PDF: 3.3 Opportunity Resources

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Eight rules describing the types of excess resources needed to explore opportunities.

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This article explains that there is a dangerous downside in learning to see openings. We can get sucked into situations that we should avoid. An opening has power. As Aristotle first observed, a vacuum pulls us in. How susceptible we are to this problem depends upon our understanding of the resources required to explore opportunities. These rules counter the many bad habits we acquire in make these decisions. The first of this bad habits is known simply as wishful thinking, our tendency to make decisions based upon what it is pleasing to imagine. We also tend to over estimate our own ability to restrain ourselves. In research, this problem is known as restraint bias. Another problem is irrational escalation, our tendency to invest more and more in a past decision, even when it created problems for us. Pursuing opportunities without understanding the constraints of resources can be extremely dangerous.