Article PDF: 4.3.3 Soft Forms

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Six rules describing opportunity space that is dominated by non-supporting features.

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This article explains how soft forms of strategic space are those that offer us little solid support. Like fluid ground, these areas change easily and quickly, but unlike fluid ground, there is not set direction of change. Not only does the ground change, but the direction of change shifts quickly as well. These spaces are characterized by uncertainty, which translates into a lack of solidity and visibility. This uncertainty is different from the normal limitations on our knowledge known as "the fog of war." Here, what we are uncertain about is how solid our position is, how well the ground will support us. Positions on soft ground are dangerous because they bog us down. On this form of ground, we cannot get a good fix on our position. Soft terrain can seem appealing as an opportunity because it is often open. However, it is open for a reason: it cannot support anyone over time.