Article PDF: 7.0 Creating Momentum

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Seven rules regarding the need for creativity to generate momentum.

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This article introduces the section of Warrior Rules for generating competitive momentum. The problem is that simply addressing the requirements of the situation is not enough for real success. We get by and survive knowing the appropriate response to a situation, but we do not rise to glory. When we feel that there is something lacking in our progress, we are almost certainly correct. What is usually missing is momentum. In everyday usage, the word "momentum" means forward movement or progress, especially the speed or force of our progress. In physics, of course, momentum measures not only the motion of a body but its resistance to slowing down. Sun Tzu's strategic momentum captures both of these ideas. It is the force and capacity for our progress. Like physical momentum, individuals and organizations that are advancing a position can more easily keep advancing their position as long as they don't lose their momentum.