Article PDF: 7.4 Competitive Timing

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Six rules describing the ways in which timing is used to create momentum.

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This article explains the role of good timing in the recipe for succeeding in advancing our position. For potential supporters of our position, we want to use the excitement of surprise to give them the emotional impetus that they need to make a decision in our favor. For our competitors, we want demonstrate our momentum at the right time increases their confusion and decreases their confidence. Even though our momentum will always be small in the larger world, the different between that momentum and others' expectations can be enough to tip the balance if it is introduced at the right time.

We use standard methods to navigate challenges, but we must get creative to establish new positions. Too many people defuse the power of momentum through poor timing. By introducing innovations at the wrong time or in the wrong way, we can strengthen or kill any momentum we have. We cannot release changes too soon, but we also cannot go too long without releasing them. When we release them, we must be ready to claim our position, the final step in the Listen>Aim>Move>Claim cycle. One step must follow another quickly. Momentum correctly can wash away any obstacles that we face in establishing a position.