Article PDF: 7.6.2 Ground Creation

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Sun Tzu's six rules describing how we use the creation of competitive ground to be successful.

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This article explains why the direction of innovation flow is impossible to predict. Its opportunities are determined by shape of the landscape, but unlike the physical landscape, the competitive landscape is constantly reforming as we all constantly adjust our positions. We do not know what the innovation ultimately makes possible. We also do not know how people will react to these innovation. We also cannot see the "low spots" on the periphery of the landscape that define the potential areas where standard methods can break out in the next innovation. New competitive areas are created by the joining of two characteristics that are invisible until they meet: unfulfilled need, Sun Tzu's emptiness, and innovations potential, Sun Tzu's fullneess. When these areas form, we can channel our efforts and resources into an entirely new form of opportunity.