Article PDF: 9.0 Understanding Vulnerability

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Six rules regarding the use of common environmental attacks.

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This article introduces the ninth and final section of The Playbook. It covers vulnerability to environmental crises that Sun Tzu called "fire attacks." Established positions have a degree of natural security from opponents, but positions are always vulnerable to conditions in the environment. When conditions are right, opponents to can use the environment as a weapon again us. In Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, fire attacks were a loophole in the rule that damaging opponents is too costly to long-term success. These environtal attacks damage opponents without the risks or costs of direct conflict. In our modern world, rivals use the government, the media, or special interest groups to create these fire storms. Law suits, government investigations, and bad publicity are today's form of fire attacks or environmental attacks. Though the examples we see on the news are those directed at large organizations, most environmental attacks are directed at individuals and small organizations.