Article PDF: 9.2.2 Immediate Resource Risk

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Sun Tzu's five rules for identifying the vulnerability of resources required for the immediate use of a position. .

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This article explains that all positions require resources to maintain them. If we have the resources our position requires, we cannot defend it. In terms of our vulnerability, our most common resource limitation is time. All positions require time to maintain them. Some positions require other immediate resources as well to keep them productive them, such as energy, money, or raw materials. If these required resources run out, the position quickly begins fail. How quickly they fail depends how quickly a position consumes resources for production. When these resources are consumed or destroyed by an environmental crisis, our position immediately becomes vulnerable. While these resources are used within an organization, the realm of planning, they come in from outside the organizations, the realm of strategy. While we have some control over our supplier relationships, our control is limited.