Article PDF: 9.3 Crisis Leadership

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Nine rules for maintaining the support of our supporters during attacks.

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This article discusses the leadership methods that work best during a crisis. Periods of crisis have a huge impact on our relationships. Even when our supporters are not the target of these threats, a crisis threatens our relationships with others. Even when those relationships have nothing to do with our authority within an organizational structure, fire storms pose a real risk to the trust and confidence that others place in us. Climatic change and a sudden threat from the environment creates fear and uncertainty. This surge of emotion often results in psychological desire to find someone to blame. One danger is that our rivals can use these periods of vulnerability to steal away our supporters, but these crises threaten relationships on a more basic level. Relationships have inertia. People stay in their current relationships unless they are unless given a reason to leave. If we don't manage our relationships correctly, a crisis can be the catalyst that destroys our relationships.