Audio Book: Sun Tzu's The Art of War MP3 Download

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The Art of War in MP3 format read and explained by Gary Gagliardi, the translator. Download from our site. Based on the Award-Winning Book and this audio book comes FREE with book purchase. When you purchase this item, the file to download appears in your Membership Download Files Directory.

Sun Tzu's The Art of War offers a timeless set of principles that can be applied to any of life’s challenges. Though written in the context of warfare, its techniques for meeting challenges while minimizing conflict are invaluable in every area of today's increasingly competitive world. Unfortunately, the formulaic nature of the original Chinese is itself challenging. Fortunately, there is one definitive English translation, used as the basis for translation into other languages. This award-winning translation is called, The Art of War Plus the Ancient Chinese Revealed. This audio version is a part of that larger work, but it covers every line of Sun Tzu's work.