Audio Seminar 1: Amazing Secrets - MP3 Download

Price: $9.99

Mp3 audio of Gary Gagliardi's seminar for MBA classes, given live at Old Dominion University. A fast-paced overview of all thirteen chapters of Sun Tzus book. Based on the award-winning book.

A great overview of the material offered in Sun Tzu's classic, explaining the many inter-connections in the text invisible to the casual reader of the text. An hour and a half (condensed from two and half hours) seminar on the relationships of key elements in Sun Tzu's strategy. Explains the conceptual relationship of those elements graphically and explains how those concepts are used to define a strategic position and advance it. Covers the key concepts of all thirteen chapters of Sun Tzu in a fast-paced narrative. Uses Sun Tzu's original organization of material.

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